A story of vines and terroir

At the heart of our champagnes are the soil and the vines that belong to Nathalie and her family. 16 acres of Chardonnay, firmly rooted in the limestone soil of the Côte des Blancs and the Côteaux du Sézannais. Before us there was Nicolas, Adélaïde, Jules and Aline, Henri and Élise, Paul and Marie-Louise, Jean and Marie Paule... who built the magnificent facilities we have today, the legacy of nine generations of winegrowers. Through our champagnes, we wish to pay tribute to this terroir, which gives the wines their character. Of that, there can be no doubt. Plots that have been carefully selected for their soil, for their advantageous orientation, or sometimes for their history, have enabled us to create a range of wines with a strong identity, more linked to their qualities than to our oenological objectives.

A story of friendships

But Champagne J.Vignier also has another story to tell. The story of a meeting between two men in the middle of the last century, when a reunited Europe was in the process of being built. A meeting between a Frenchman named Paul, and a German named Rudolf, who became and remained friends until the end of their lives. Today, we are Paul’s grandchildren, and Rudolf’s great-nephew. Winegrowers in Cramant, and an oenologist and biologist, but first and foremost, friends.

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